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ClaimDoge FAUCET | Claim per 5 Min 0,5 Free DOGE

  •     Easy faucet,PTC,Shortlinks wall
  •     Share with your friends earn 20% lithoshi
  •     Claim up to 0,5 free Doge every 5 mins
  •     No Limit payment to Faucetpay
  •     Per clicks 0,5 Doge

-Firefaucet - Good faucet

You can win a bitcoin and subcoins in 1 minute.
Shortlinks No minimum faucetpay payout

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

  FAUCETPAY The site just like faucethub.
The new faucethub you will use as a Microwallet is the same site: You can send the coins you earn from Faucets here.  You can request bitcoin and subcoins instantly from the sites you choose from the list of faucets.
The only difference is that you want to draw your address from
the "linked adresses"section and add that address to the faucets.

 First you register with faucetpay and add your addresses you want to bang.

Then you start collecting coins from the faucet site you want.
""Block.io" "Koinim" or "Paribu" you can create your address you can add.
  Register first with microwallet Faucetpay

Links to some bitcoin faucets:

News, best coins, market news, premiums, price cutters, latest information.
Bitcoin News
Daily 1000Sat
Coin Markets

AceFaucet - Easy Faucet
No shortlinks - 0.01 Min Payout

Multifaucet BTC Multifaucet LTC Multifaucet TRON Multifaucet DOGE

  - Fautsy   - Starbit   - Gobist
  - Claimbits   - i-bits   - Freesats - 4 satoshi every 2 minutes.
  - faucet.hbe   - Onebitco   - Bitearn   - Claimfreecoins
  - GG faucet - bitcoin
  - Cryptorotator- 10 Sat
  - Linkdesh- 15 Sat
  - Rushbitcoin- 5 Sat -Shortlinks,faucet,PTC,min payout 500sat
  - Autofaucet- 7 Sat -Shortlinks,faucet,

  - Claimfreecoins-Litecoin 950 Sat -
  - GG faucet - ltc   - Randomit - Litecoin

Bitcoin Cash
  - GG faucet - Bitcoin Cash<   - Randomit - Bitcoin Cash

  - Claimfreecoins - Ethereum   - GG faucet - Ethereum   - Randomit 170 gwei
  - Kostantinova 673 gwei   - Justyeth 718 gwei

  - Konstantinova 2000 Litoshi
  - Claimfreecoin - 950 Litoshi every 5 minutes.

  - GG faucet - Doge   - Bitcosite - 0,3,5 Doge Every 5 minutes   - Kostantinova - 0.44 Doge
  - Xfaucet - 0.44 Doge   - Free-dogecoin - 10 Doge - PTC,Shortlinks,Faucet
  - Claimfreedogecoin - 0,1 Doge Every 5 minutes

  - Claimfreecoins Dash


This site includes bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash coins faucets.

Microwallet Faucet Lists:

Bitcoin Faucets:
- Alphamining

Digitask - Doge Faucet

+ Win up to 0.002 BTC every hour   + Auto Surfer   + Framed ads   + A lot of earning ways
Earn Bitcoin every minute lifetime! Very profitable faucet! You can earn by watching ads, autosurf, roll & win, offerwalls and many other earning options.Up to 27-50 sats per click!
- Autoclaim shortlinks,coins bitcoin,litecoin,doge,bitcoin cash,zcash,ethereum
- Bchminer Get the 510 BCH you deserve!

- Faucetcrypto - Payout Direct wallet

- Sign up easily earn bitcoins

Expresscrypto Faucets

- Faucetwhite-- Shortlinks,faucet,shortlinks,auto faucets
- Freebitcopro - 25 sat per 5 min
- Satoads -- Viev ads,surf,claim free btc,shoortlinks,hi-lo,lottery
- Freebitcoin
- Freecoin
- Queefaucet -- 10 Sat

Bitcoin Cash

- Queenfaucet -- 356 bch per 5 min

ClaimLite Club FAUCET | Claim per 5 Min 1100 Litoshi

  •     Easy faucet,PTC,Shortlinks wall
  •     Share with your friends earn 20% lithoshi
  •     Claim up to 1100 free litoshi every 5 mins
  •     Instant payment to Faucetpay
  •     Per day 25 Shortlink

 Hope everyone is earning smoothly and well.Stop wasting time on sites that is not paying and just keep you waiting. I decided to make a list of faucet paying sites to help you.
Just want to clarify that the sites listed are paying directly on faucethub. So, you need to have one to earn.If you don't have a faucethub account yet, you can check on my previous post on how to have one so you will be guided.
 To earn bitcoins from the faucets you need to enter your valid wallet address that is connected to faucethub, then solve a simple captcha and claim your reward. This is high paying list of bitcoin faucets with Timer. These bitcoin faucet list checked daily by our system. Payment mode is how the faucet will send your reward. Minimum satoshi represents smallest possible rewards from the faucet. Waiting time is the time between two rewards. Status represents site during our last visit.

  The most reliable way to earn your first Bitcoin amounts is through faucets. Faucets dispense amounts of free Bitcoins periodically (5-30 minutes, hourly, daily).
In order to speedup the process of finding those faucet, I have make a list of it for you with timer and details.
If you prefer taps with less payment limits. You will receive your payment more quickly and securely.